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Pawn Loans
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Pawn Loans

Our Story

Pawn Central  ™ is the oldest pawnbroker operation in Phoenix Arizona.  In our humble opinion we are also the finest.  Our goal is to treat everyone exactly how we would like to be treated especially when a source of quick cash is needed.  Borrowing money is never easy but we make it as painless as possible. 

   There are many pawnshops in Arizona but none with our experience and reputation.  We are not a McPawn , but a family owned organization extremely experienced to serve your financial needs.  It is not uncommon to walk into one of our stores and find 50 years of experience behind the counter.

Pawn Transaction

The pawn transaction is the easiest way to borrow money. 

All you need is something for collateral
and a valid id to get cash in minutes.

When you walk in our doors you will be greeted by an experienced and friendly loan associate. In minutes your collateral will be evaluated.  Most important we will listen to your financial needs and advise you of the best way to move forward with your loan.  We will answer all of your questions completely so that you know your loan with us is a sound financial choice.

Once you are satisfied with the amount you would like to borrow and the terms of the loan we will print the loan document (pawn ticket) in minutes and you will walk out with cash.

All of our loans are for 90 days and you always have the option of
renewing your loan every 90 days instead of redeeming your property


Question: What type of items do you accept ?

Response: We lend money on items of value which we refer to as collateral. Collateral can range from gold and diamond jewelry to musical instruments,antiques and collectable's,tools,televisions,computers,video games, and trucks..we like to say if you can find it on ebay..we'll loan on it.
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Question: How does the pawn loan work ?

Response: A customer brings an item of value to our pawnshop and our staff evaluates the item which we call a mini appraisal. We establish the used cash value for the item and then offer to loan up to 80% of that value.  If our customer is satisfied with our evaluation and has government issued I.D. the loan is completed in minutes with our customer walking out with cash in hand.
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Question:  How much does it cost to borrow from a pawnshop ?

Response: In Arizona all pawnbroker charges are state regulated.  Every loan is for 90 days and renewable by only paying the finance charge.  The interest rate is 22% for the entire 90 days.  For example a jewelry loan for 500.00 would cost 118.00 for 90 days including service fees.
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Question: Am I obligated to redeem my loan ?

Response:  No,it is a collateral loan, the pawnshop will simply sell your items to recoup their investment,you will never get a bill from the pawnshop and you are under no obligation to redeem your loan
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Question: Why would someone go to a pawnshop for a loan ?

Response: We offer a quick,easy and confidential way to borrow money. We never check you credit and your financial information will never show up on a credit report. We are financial solution that has been used by thousands for hundreds of years.
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